Chioke Nassor

Who are you? What do you do for a living?

I work as a writer/director for film and tv.  Currently writing and directing for Late Night with Seth Meyers (premiering February 24th on NBC!) and I have a feature I wrote and directed called How to Follow Strangers which is being distributed by Film Buff on March 25th.

Waking Up

I live in Fort Greene and most Sundays if I can, I wake up in my room which I'm trying to turn into a botanical garden.

Run, Run, Run

When I wake up I either go for a long run first, ideally into the city to 9th Street Espresso for coffee. Otherwise, i head over to Martha's, a great restaurant in my neighborhood.  Then I post up, and read the entire Sunday Times at the bar, before getting breakfast with my girlfriend or friends.

Cast Iron Pancake

If I eat at Martha's I'm a sucker for the cast iron pancake.  I can't even come close to finishing it, but it's some real comfort food.

Alone Time

I try to keep a certain amount of time designated for myself.  I see a lot of people over the course of the week, so in order to not go crazy I block aside time to just chill out alone.  Part of the reason I run is that when I go on a long run, I'm all by myself.  It's one of the only times I'll leave my phone for several hours and have no pre-existing commitments.

Leave Your Filter At The Door

If I can, I read the entire paper and run, but I also love going to the bathhouse in the East Village on a Sunday.  It's sort of like riding the train during a heat wave surrounded by sweaty New Yorkers in their underwear, but somehow it's one of the best things in life.  

People who go there have a tendency to leave their filters at the door, so it's an amazing place to overhear great conversations.  Plus no matter how you feel when you walk in there it's pretty much guaranteed you'll feel better walking out. 

Getting Naked with Friends

I've taken a lot of my friends to the bathhouse and there is always this palpable moment of pure fear that washes over their faces if they've never been before.  And it takes a minute to convince them to just try it, but after the first trip it's kind of a drug.

My sound designer, a lovely young woman, came with our whole crew once for the wrap party of our film, and she almost refused to go inside.  And then halfway through the visit an old fat Russian man offered to beat her with eucalyptus branches and she, for reasons unknown to me, was open to that.  So I asked her how it was when she was done, and she leans over, and whispers in her silly Spanish lisp, Cheee-o, it was the most sensual thing I've ever done.

So, I'm pretty sure she'll go back.


I try to, if possible, not work on the weekends.  I used to keep a very unorthodox schedule, and as I've gotten older, have found having routines really helps me get a lot of stuff done.  People not wanting to be a "9-5" type, I understand, but I've personally found if I can make time to not always be "on" my creative output feels less forced and I enjoy it more.  Also, I've basically stolen every good piece of lifestyle advice from Haruki Marakami.

Ideal Week-Ender

A trip to the bath house and a home cooked meal.