Suzanne Adams

My grandmother, Suzanne Adams, 86, used to work for the Kaplan Kirch & Rockwell law firm as a legal secretary back in the day. She's a knockout bridge player, and she loves Old Fashioneds, ("when they're made the right way," she says.) - Cass

Waking Up

On a Sunday morning when I am at home, I generally waken at 6 or 6:30 a.m., grab a Carnation breakfast and go to Mass at 8 a.m. Then I stop at the grocery store and head home.    

When my very ill sister was living, I then would visit her in her weekend respite care home about 25 miles away.  I spent considerable time with her, probably the entire afternoon.  In good weather, I would take her outside in her wheelchair and we would enjoy the beauty of nature which we both loved since we were raised in a quiet little town in the country.  I would then follow my routine and stop at the store on my way home. Since she is gone, I sometimes have plans to meet a friend for brunch, or, if I have no specific plans, eat breakfast out, stop at the grocery store and watch golf or a football game on TV, depending on the season.

Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinner for me is a modified Thanksgiving dinner - roast chicken, stuffing, if possible, mashed potatoes and gravy, plus some veggies.  When I'm eating alone, which is more common now, I stop at Boston Chicken and take out a small meal to eat at home.

Ideal Weekender

An ideal weekend would be sharing time with someone, family or friends, and to  spend time out - a weekend away anywhere, or doing something special - such as I had this past weekend when my niece and I flew to Louisville to see my brother and family - it was a whirlwind tiring - a one-day trip, but very gratifying and enjoyable.