Jeff Johnson

Who are you? What do you do?

I am an artist, paintings conservator, decorative painter, gilder, paint analyst, designer and sometimes furniture maker and set designer.Johnson & Griffiths Studio is where it all happens.

The Work Week:

I really have no “typical” weekday morning. On any given weekday over the past year I could have woken up in a hotel in Washington, DC, Philly or State College, PA, or Middleburg, VA just as easily as my own bed here in Harrisburg. On any given weekday over that period I could have been conserving a mural on the ceiling of the PA State Finance Building, restoring a decorative plaster ceiling in the lobby of a historic art deco building in Philly, replicating trompe l`oeil wall fresco paintings in the U.S. Treasury Building in DC, recreating the historic decorative painting in the office of the President of Penn State University, making furniture for a local restaurant here in Harrisburg or painting the theater sets for a grade school play in Virginia. When I wake up away from home I have to first remember where I am, what project I am working on and where I will be able to get coffee and breakfast that morning.