Jim and Julie Babb

Who are you?

My name is Julie Babb. I am an Entrepreneur and Product Manager. 

Hi there. I’m Jim. I help organizations think through and solve problems with digital media and technology. I also make games.

Describe your weekend "rituals"

Jim: Julie likes to go out on adventures, but I’m happiest if I never have to leave the apartment. I like to have projects. They usually involve cooking, fermentation or baking, so the weekend is the best time to get dirty and mess up the kitchen. My wife forgives the mess because she likes the outputs. I always have something fermenting whether it’s wine, hot sauce, sauerkraut, kimchi or some brown goo that slowly bubbles. 

Julie: I drive us to Fairway where I wander around eating samples while Jim makes the healthy and responsible grocery shopping decisions that I am ill-equipped to make.

In the summer we hold “Office Hours” in Prospect Park - which is kind of like an urban version of an “Open House.” We bring a cooler of Bud Light Lime, a grill, and lawn games to the park and invite our friends and family to stop by. In the winter we occasionally host smaller dinner parties for our friends.

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