Tao Lin

TL: My interview is probably going to be very dark, is that ok.

CD: Sure. Let’s start with your weekly routine. Tell me what that’s like.

TL: The past, say 30 months, with rare exceptions, the day of the week hasn’t had an effect on what I do each day. I wake some time between noon and 3 pm, feeling okay, like without a headache and only a little bleariness, but strongly unmotivated. Like I will only be able to delete spam emails, when after I’ve left my bed and gone to my refrigerator and brought whatever fruit I have - usually grapes or clementines or watermelon - to my Macbook, which usually I’ll move from my bed where I might’ve been using it before, to the floor, where I sit and eat and occasionally delete a spam email, while afraid to open any other emails.