Laura Burhenn, frontwoman of The Mynabirds

JK Keller, artist 

Jonathon Linaberry, singer/songwriter The Bones of J.R. Jones

Daniele Frazier, sculptor

Foodies & Makers

Hannah Kirshner, founder and editor of Sweets & Bitters, freelance recipe developer

Rachel Lauginiger, private chef

Melissa Gorman, co-owner of Martha Brooklyn

Erin Kanagy-Loux, Pastry Chef at the Wythe Hotel 

Tom Mylan of The Meat Hook


Erin Przekop & Tom Critchlow, Fiercely Curious & Fiercely Made

John V. Willshire, & Artefact Cards

Lauren Cerand, independent literary publicist

Taylor Welden, Industrial Designer, Facial Hair Enthusiast

Peter Nguyen, blogger, designer, leather jacket maker

Jeff Johnson, art restoration and designer

Jim and Julie Babb, Tech Entrepreneurs (

Jeff Laub of The Blind Barber

Adina Grigore, founder of SW Basics of Brooklyn

Alec Bemis, Brassland Records


Bridget Gleeson, journalist & travel writer

Daniel Roberts, writer at Fortune Magazine

Chioke Nassor, writer/director for Late Night with Seth Meyers

Atossa Abrahamian, journalist and reporter at Al Jazeera

Jack Cheng, author of These Days

Molly Young, creative at Warby Parker

Emily Gould, author of And The Heart Says Whatever

Tao Lin, founder of MuuMuu House Publishing & author