Daniele Frazier


Who are you? What do you do for a living?


I’m Daniele Frazier, and I’m an artist. I work from a studio at home, where I make sculptures and drawings. I’m also creative for hire, and occasionally I model.



To Dos

I don’t have an office job, so I can change my sleep and work schedules as I please. In the summer, I sleep wearing an eye mask (the kind given out on airplanes) so I can block out the early-morning sun and sleep later. I wake up between 9 and 10, look at my watch, and then check my phone to make sure I didn’t miss anything important. Anyone calling before then must be serious. I drink coffee in bed while I read the news and emails on my iPad. Then I bypass the kitchen and living room and go straight to my studio. I turn on the radio – any station will do, I just like the noise for company – and water the plants by the window. Then I sit at my desk and look at my emails on a bigger screen and review my to-do list from the day before. All of this is subject to changed based on various projects I might have in the works. This morning, for instance, I went to the roof to test out an element of the inflatable sculpture I am working on.



My Hustle, and My Side Hustle, and My Side Side Hustle

God, I’ve done so many weird jobs over the years—but that’s a story for another blog… There’s work that pays the rent and work that is “being an artist.” It’s the latter that’s ultimately important to me. Most recently, I’ve been using 3D printers to create elements of sculptures. I’m learning new CAD programs and looking for ways to incorporate the technology into my work. I love cheap tchotchkes and souvenirs, and this is a great way to make my own. I’m also about to show a new temporary public sculpture in Miami: I’m making a 20 foot-tall inflatable piece—a giant hammer and nail— so I’m sewing day and night. I had to teach myself how to design a sewing pattern for something that large, get it printed to scale, buy massive air blowers, research fabrics, the list goes on. I like making public art because it presents challenges ranging from scale and context to physics and engineering that no other type of art-making deals with.



I’m a Breakfast Phobe

I don’t eat breakfast. I’ve just never cared for the breadiness of breakfast foods and I don’t like starting the day with dirty dishes. I do like coffee and juice though.



I Need Noise While I Work

I need some noise while I’m working. I like local radio and local television. Sometimes I sing along to the karaoke versions of songs. I can concentrate best when there’s something playing in the background. I will put on any movie I’ve seen before. Recently I’ve been really into the PBS series “Nature’s Giants.” I’ve been told I’d like Heroes of Cosplay, but I haven’t gone down that hole yet. When I don’t want to spend too much time being choosy about what’s on, my go-to’s are Harry Potter and Twin Peaks, probably because they both have great soundtracks.



My Daily Non-Routine

I have the exact same non-routine. I might realize it’s Sunday when I go to check the mail. I’ll quote a friend to describe my lifestyle, who calls our type ‘self-unemployed stay-at-home non-moms.’

Am I?

I think I’m the last person alive who actually watches Saturday Night Live, Live, on Saturday nights.